8-Piece SUP Deck Grip Pad by BPS

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Design: Groove Tread
Type: 8-Piece Deck Grip
Material: Ultralight EVA foam
Length: 75.5"
Width: 24.5"


Designed for SUP boards and long surfboards with Grooved Tread Deck Grip for outstanding stick and shock absorption with no restriction to movement. It instantly gives superior comfort for an extended paddleboard use while making your board look fantastic than the others.

It offers an exceptional warm feeling when paddling, especially on cold days. This grip also helps in keeping your foot with the board, allowing you to push effortlessly against your board for exceptional speed and drive!

Featuring its ultralight Anti-Slip EVA Foam and its market-leading 3M adhesive for ultimate grip. It measures 75.5 inches long and 24.5 inches wide at its widest point. This BPS 8-piece Grip pad is made super easy to install and can be customized by carving with a craft knife.

Feel more in control with its comfy-cushioned foam between boards if stacking boards on top of each other without board bags (e.g., 2 on a roof rack).

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