BPS Adjustable 2-Piece (100% Carbon Fiber) SUP Paddle with Bag

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Type: 2-Piece Adjustable
Shaft Material: 100% Carbon fiber
Blade Material: Carbon fiber
Length: 1760 - 2150 mm
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Blade Face Length/Width: 400 mm/205 mm
Inclusions: Paddle Bag

New LOGO COLORS are available! Get the high-performance BPS SUP PADDLE that's sought after by SUP Rental companies all over the world for its superior construction. This paddle have an instant & secure adjustment mechanism that floats when parts are together and separate into two pieces for convenient transport/storage.

100% Carbon Fiber made from handle, shaft, down to blade. Designed versatile and speedy oriented to make catch and hold very well balanced. Only weighs 1.4lbs and amazingly adjusts from 1760 to 2150 mm (69.29 - 84.64 in).

You will receive a photographic e-guide that was composed by an experienced paddle boarder. Proper installation, adjustments, DO’s and DONT’s will be unselfishly shared to you to make your day a little lighter.

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