BPS Fiberglass Surfboard Tri Fins

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Material: Fiberglass
Compatibility: Boards that use FCS Style Fins
Sizes: Medium and Large
Warranty: 12 months

BPS has wrapped a seriously light performance Hexcore in a netted fiberglass skin to produce a light fin with amazing rigidity and better flexibility than regular plastic fins.

Fits any surfboard, shortboard, funboard, or longboard that uses FCS style fins. Available in a medium size (similar to FCS M5's) and large size (similar to FCS M7's in size).

Tested and thrashed by BPS to make sure they’ve got what it takes and are built to last.

Fully guaranteed for one year so if it doesn't deliver what it is supposed to, it will be replaced or you'll be refunded - your choice.

Thank you for looking at a product from our store - Surf and Snow Warehouse. We are a small family business that ONLY sells what we know and loves - water sports gear. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100% (please do check our feedback) - So if you have any questions about using any of our products please just ask. Thank you.