BPS Minimalist Board Wall Racks

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Type: Wall Rack
Material: Alloy
Color: Ocean Grey / Midnight Black
Compatibility: Surfboard, Longboard
Special Feature: Soft Felt Padding for board rail
Screws: 6 marine grade stainless steel screws and 4 metal drywall anchors
Add-on: FCS Screw Kit or Leash String Kit

Grab your BPS Minimalist Board Wall Racks for Surfboard or Longboard today! Available in Midnight Black or Ocean Grey - and now updated for a tough metal drywall anchors.

Marine Grade Aluminium construction means this rack will never rust; and super soft felt padding always protects your board's rails. And unlike some competitors, your BPS rack comes with tough (marine grade) stainless steel screws.

BPS’ Minimalist look is great for showing off your board and not the rack! And the strong design is perfect for storing either a short-board or a long-board. Save some money also when you choose to buy the rack with FCS Screw Kit (Fin key and 6 screws – worth $6 on its own) or with the Leash String Kit (2 strings - $5 on its own). Extras are also included in the TOTAL and UTTER 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Surf and Snow Warehouse.

Buy with complete confidence, as all our products are stored and shipped quickly and reliably to you. All BPS products come with a 'Next-Level' guarantee for 12 months. So if you encounter any quality issues at all, just let us know and it will be replaced or you'll be refunded -- your choice!

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