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Type: Unisex
Material: Silicone
Lens: Crystal-clear Wide View CE Tempered Glass
Features: Fit Adjustment Straps (Mask), Quick-Release Clip, Floating Valve System, Flex Tube (Snorkel)
Activity: Snorkeling, Tide-Pooling, and other Water/Sand activities

Grab an insane introductory deal while stocks last! BPS 'Ultra Comfort' Dive Masks and Snorkels are ‘crazy comfortable’ and fit virtually anyone with its flexible silicone skirt and adjustable strap. Enjoy your snorkeling more with a crystal-clear wide view lens that is CE tempered glass guaranteeing durability. The mask's silicone skirt is ultra-comfortable and offers a great snug fit for a wide range of faces.

The Snorkel is ergonomically designed to reduce jaw fatigue when worn for an extended diving time. It also features an innovative dry top design keeping water out with a floating valve system; a quick-release clip to attach or detach the snorkel to and from the mask; a soft silicone flex tube to minimize jaw fatigue; food-grade flexible silicone mouthpiece with bite tabs; and a purge valve for fast and effortless clearing of any water with a short exhale.

You can also choose between a carry bag, or a 5 Liter Dry Bag to bundle with the dive set to store your new gear. Designed to make carrying a breeze and also make sure your Dive Gear is always 100% ready to go when you are.

Buy with complete confidence, as all our products are stored and shipped quickly and reliably to you. All BPS products come with a 'Next-Level' guarantee for 12 months. So if you encounter any quality issues at all, just let us know and it will be replaced or you'll be refunded -- your choice!

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