BPS 'Smart Sock' Neoprene Fin Socks

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Type: Unisex
Material: Neoprene
Features: Fit adjustment straps
Activity: Snorkeling, tide-pooling, water and sand activities

Different to other Water Fin Socks - BPS’s ‘Smart Socks’ are cleverly designed to always feel like they will stay on, and let much less water in around the ankle. A unisex fit with a MORE DURABLE (but still FLEXIBLE) sole helps everyone enjoy their sports like sand volleyball and beach soccer. Please check the size chart to ensure a great fit.

How do they do it? An extra adjustable elastic strap around the ankle ensures an excellent fit and minimises any water getting in; a flexible but tougher than standard sole with a rubber grip pattern handles slippery environments, and a tab at the top rear of the sock makes getting them on and off easier than other socks.

The fully flexible soles provide an amazing ‘foot feel’ on the beach, surfing or on a SUP. You genuinely forget you are wearing them. But for this to happen the sole is not rigid enough to handle walking on asphalt or concrete for very long; so to keep your socks feeling super comfortable just put them on once at the beach or river or boat.

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